The Brand

Founded in 2005, Expressions NYC is one of the stellar brand on the market for cruelty free vegan handbags. The idea behind the Expressions NYC name is to try to capture the expressions of the vibrant city of New York and translate them into contemporary vegan creations. Each collection is designed in New York and named after the streets and avenue of the city.

The Expressions NYC mantra is, "live ethically and support sustainable fashion." We are a PETA-Approved vegan brand that believes in circular economy and the continuous cycling of resources. The environment is changing in reversible ways. Our goal moving forward is to introduce sustainability across all channels of the company, including design, materials, suppliers, factories, packaging and transportation. The hope is that this strategy will improve productivity and efficiently use planet's existing resources. The main principles of this plan are to reduce waste and environmental pollution by implementing sustainable practices, to make functional and versatile products that a consumer can reuse in many ways and to choose recycled materials whenever possible.

All Expressions NYC handbags are assembled in factories and manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001 certified. The materials used in our production process are 100% vegan. We do not use any animal products in our bags, instead, we are constantly researching and inventing new materials, such as:

ULTRA-FINE FIBER: Developed by advanced research to outperform normal leather, ultra-fine fiber is half the weight and longer-lasting than its animal counterpart.

CORK - Cork is a hypoallergenic, ecological material derived from the outer bark of the cork oak tree.

HIGH-GRADE PU - PU is made from the coating of polyurethane with a baseof polyester or small, fine fibers. It’s 100% vegan, lightweight and easy to cleanand maintain with just a damp cloth.

RECYCLED PU - PU is a highly recyclable substance and we have been working to use the recycled form in order to help the environment and conserve resources.

RECYCLED BOTTLES - Every handbag has an interior lining created from recycled plastic bottles. So far, we have been able to save over one millionplastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

RECYCLED PACKAGING - Our hangtags and most of our packaging materials and shipping boxes are all constructed from recycled materials. The recycled materials are all produced in facilities that have received Global Recycled Standard certification.



Please visit to see our new collection of recycled and plant based bags. Inspired by ancient science of Alchemy. Each collection is carefully designed and is named after earth, water, fire and space elements. Our award winning brand Alkeme Atelier received award in Milan, Italy for creativity, innovation and research in 2019.